Terms of use about using illustrations

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Terms of use about using illustrations

・You can use distributing illustration within terms of use. Free for personal, corporate, commercial and non-commercial use. But, please tell me from contact form about corporate and commercial.

Please post my HP link(https://tenpariot.com/lp/rihapic/) in case of using illustlation in Internet (EX of use: Blog , HP)

・Use is prohibited in the following cases.

Prohibited matter
  • Use for purposes contrary to public order and morals.
  • Offensive, discriminatory, or sexual use that detracts from the image of the material.
  • Use related to anti-social forces and illegal activities.
  • Redistribution and sale of distribution illustrations.
  • If the author deems it inappropriate.


  • I do not renounce the copyright of the illustration.
  • You can freely edit and process my illustration within the terms of use.


  • I’m not responsible for any troubles caused by using my illustrations.
  • All terms are subject to change without notice. Please be careful.